Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH (hereinafter referred to as "Universal-Investment") endeavours to ensure full and comprehensive compliance with all legal requirements and regulations. For this reason, Universal-Investment has set up this whistleblower platform.

You can transmit information openly or anonymously via this platform if you wish to point out misconduct within the company. You can use this platform regardless of whether you are an employee, customer, service provider or equivalent or have no legal relationship with Universal-Investment.

For Universal-Investment, the protection of the respective whistleblower is very important and therefore has chosen the approach via this platform. The platform is safe for you as whistleblower in two ways.

On the one hand, it is technically impossible for you to be identified if you give an anonymous tip.

On the other hand, this platform is operated by a law firm, CLARIUS.LEGAL Rechtsanwaltsaktiengesellschaft (hereinafter "us"). This enables you as a whistleblower to establish a client relationship with us so that the information you provide to us via the platform is subject to attorney-client privilege. You would thus remain protected even if you had been identified.


If we do not receive instructions to the contrary from you, we will make the information you provide to us available to the Universal-Investment management.

We assure you that we will not disclose your identity to Universal-Investment or otherwise with regard to the voluntary information from the contact form.

We would like to point out that conclusions about your identity can be derived from your information. Please consider this when writing the note.

If you voluntarily provide us with contact information, we may contact you in order to correctly record and clarify the facts you have described.

You will not have to bear any costs, as these will be covered by Universal-Investment.


Universal Investment - Formular (EN)

Voluntary information